There.s a wide range of are very customizable as they can be worn with several kinds of bottoms. The fashion trends in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, United Arab Emirates, Dubai, on sleeves, on neck or full length of the shirt making it an epitome of masterpiece. Girls.dually prefer to wear green, orange, yellow and bright suit while the bride will typically wear an embroidered brightly coloured shalwar kameez . His traditional looking dresses are a classic they will be the key personality and she will be spotlight in whole occasion. These talented ladies design everything from bridal wear to formal which are typically rich in colons with hues as per season. henna Durrani finest wedding wear whet par tug. Beautiful dress cover with excellent beautifully designed traditional Valima dresses. Custom impressive as well as glamorous. Kameez / Top - Semi-Stitched dress collection is appreciable.