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I did something with a family who loved Air Supply. That was a lot of fun. I did a wedding for two gentlemen who love the Pointer Sisters, and that was a surprise for the guests. And I worked with Michael Feinstein for an older couple." What advice do you have for couples thinking about booking talent? "They should get a sense of what their budget is for the whole event, then see how much they can allot for the talent. Once they have a sense of the budget, call me and I can help you figure out who would be a realistic option. If they're not going for the hottest artist right now, they might be surprised at the pricing—not everybody is in the million-dollar price-range. I welcome clients with all budgets to come to me because we can often find the right fit." "Maybe go the route of a DJ for the rest of the party, and allot the rest of the budget for a celebrity. Artists will usually play up to 60 minutes, but most couples only want about 30 minutes because they don't want to have the artist steal the show.

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